Week Reflection

This week started off slow since I had no other photos to edit from last week. The first two days I worked on my photoshop skills, but I still have a lot to learn. My favorite part of the week would have to be Wednesday when we took our walk around Denver Harbor. On this walk we went to Glendale and Jackson cemeteries. Glendale held a lot of graves from people that have well known family names that are still standing. Some of the tombs in Glendale where apart of the confederation which we saw as sign of the souths past slavery. In the second cemetery I was out of commission for most of that part of the walk because of the medical issues with my back. The rest of the walk I was fine since we had gotten water and food. Thursday was hard since I had to edit 15 photos in 1 day. I mean its not hard to do, but I wanted to incorporate the things I learned on Monday and Tuesday so it took longer. Friday is our last day of the work week and this Friday was really chill. I didn’t get much feedback from this week so that was good. In all today was great.


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