Walking the East End

For our second week we explored 2nd Ward and a little bit of Eastwood. Throughout our walk we encountered a man named Leo, he is a 52 year old and is one of the neighborhood’s paletero. He allowed us to take his picture, although at first he shied away from the photoshoot, and after the first flash he bursted into a model, naturally changing into different poses. Our adventure ended at the “The Aztec Market” off of I-10 and Wayside, as soon as we set foot into the market we were hit with vibrant colors, there were stands of spices, fruits, and cultural crafts everywhere. The following day we headed off to the Community Garden at Herman Brown Park, where we conducted interviews with SCA staff. As the lead photographers I captured their portraits as the rest of the crew conducted the interviews. Mid way through our session it started to pour, forcing us to pack our equipment and calling it a day. We headed back to the TEJAS office and started to edit our content from the past two days. We went back to the community Garden on Wednesday to finish our remaining interviews with SCA, thankfully the day was bright and sunny.


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