Vanessa Guillen

The case of Vanessa Guillen was not often talked about when it first developed and thanks to her family and group of girls her story made national headlines. They used the power of social media to help them amplify their voices. They did not wait for higher authorities to investigate; they mobilized and quickly brought attention to her case. I'm certain her family would not have answers if they solely depended on the Army Base to take action. It is disappointing to see they failed to protect Private First Class Vanessa Guillen while she served our country. My cousin recently joined the army, I am proud of her but I'm also scared not knowing what she may be going through. I may not have sisters, but she’s the closest thing to one and I do not know how I would react if something like this were to happen to her. The pain Vanessa’s family is enduring, is something nobody deserves to feel. I would not want to see my aunt torn down like Vannessa’s mom or my cousins in the same pain as Vannessa’s sisters, which is why I am drawn towards this case. Anyone who with a heart and love for human life would not wish this pain on family. Since Vanessa was a native Houstonian, artists all around the Houston area have risen up and have portrayed Vanessa’s story through what they do best, through art. Media has more influence now than what it did thirty to fifty years ago. Now we can reach every corner of the world, everyone can hear our troubles, and everyone can rise and make a change together.


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