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Today we focused on watching the stories of others like Miguel and Carmelo. Miguel is a homeless man who felt unhappy with his life, so he left his wife and home. He goes on to sleep in pipelines and under trees. At first we are led to believe that Miguel leads a sad life by a presentation of blue and dull colors, but in fact his life was the exact opposite. He goes on to say that he’s never had to beg for money in his whole life as the camera shows us Miguel going through not only the recycling bin, but also the trash bin. He even shows us the garden he has created Later in the short documentary film the colors are bright and warm showing that his life is not sad, but bright and beautiful to him. Not only is the lighting in this short film significant but the camera as well. In videography there are two types of rolls; the first of the two is a-roll (face shots/talking heads) this is the interview part of the film, and the second b-roll (supporting imagery/scenery shots). The capturer of this film presents the film in primarily in b-roll with audio of Miguel's voice in the background and subtitles on the bottom since he primarily speaks spanish. The only time the subtitles are not used is when Miguel starts singing which you an tell that the creator thinks that even without subtitles the song will still be as beautiful as the meaning is. The second story was about Carmelo a man who was born, raised, and grew a family in Mexico, but moved to America to raise more money for his family with his music. In the film he raises money for his family by going restaurant to restaurant playing guitar and singing with his friend. He goes on to say that money is good and he makes about 100 dollars a day as for when he was in Mexico he make 100 dollars in a week. He says he misses his family back in Mexico, but he can’t leave because money is good and he needs the money for his family. Later in the film we see him go back to Mexico and there we see his two daughters and wife who are very glad he came home. We see his happiness that he can be with his family because he go to be with his family especially his eldest daughter that turned 15 years old. By the end of the film he talks about going back to America for the money but his friend states that he is where he wants to be because if he wanted to go back to America he would have gone back sooner.


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