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Today we analyzed two films, Homeless Hero and Romantico. The film, Homeless Hero, starts off with blue color tones, making the viewer pick up on the film's mood right away. This film is about a homeless man that loves his life, regardless of his uncommon living situation. In the video he sings not to his wife, he sings to his life. He had nothing, yet made a garden for himself in an urban city. One can tell that he does not regret any decision he has made, despite being homeless. Although to us it may seem like he has nothing, to him he has everything he needs. We assume that people may be miserable because they don't have what makes US happy. That’s the thing, everyone is uniquely different, not everyone finds beauty in the same things, therefore not everyone finds happiness in the same way either. I realized happiness can only be obtained if you allow yourself to find it in the simplest form and obtain it. Sometimes we worry too much about unimportant things that we forget to live in the moment, and forget to be present with the people who we are surrounded with, and that is where you can have true happiness, in our gente.

(Romantico is the second film we watched, it was filmed during the late 90s or early 2000s and starts off with two friends, who are musicians for a living. Initially I thought the film would be about both of their lives but the film focuses on one man's life, Carmelo Muniz Sanchez, he was 57 when this film was made. It shows the life of an immigrant who works at a car wash, and sings at night to be able to give his family in Mexico a better life. One thing that stood out was how the film the editor slows down specific scenes to show that the protagonist is going through a hard time or facing conflict. Carmelo shares he grew up in hardships along with his dad, which is why he works tirelessly to provide for his family. Now as an adult he is in a constant conflict, fighting to stay in San Francisco to work and give his family a better life, or staying with his family in Mexico to struggling financially. Carmelo said “money doesn't buy happiness but it does help you live a better life.” That line made me reflect on my childhood, when I was little, my dad asked my brother and I to choose our unwanted toys so we could donate them. He would take us to the back of the garbage disposal lot where families lived, their homes were so fragile, any harsh winds could easily destroy them. That is where we would give away our toys to the children. One time when we got there we saw a kid playing with a toy truck that was missing all of its wheels, so my dad gave him one of the trucks my brother's toy truck. Even with a wheeless truck the kid was content and playing with what he had, he did not see a broken toy, he saw joy. I'm sure the parents only want the best for their kids, but could only afford what they had now. If they had more resources and money they would probably move out and provide them with more. I agree that money cannot buy you happiness, but it does help you live a better life.


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