Interns at Work

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

The morning was one that made the Earth look more alive than ever. The sun shined on everything in sight, making the trees and grass burst with energy and love as I walked into the office, ready to work hard once again. Today, everyone received feedback from our employers on our work so far and got positive reviews along with tips and advice on how to improve our work. I received a list of questions to ask my peers as we intended to hold individual interviews with everyone and how they feel with their positions so far, what they look forward to, how it feels to be working with an all women group, and how they got interested in their positions. Every intern gave a little insight into their life while showing transparency, vulnerability, honesty, and admirability. After the awe inspiring interviews, everyone packed up their equipment, ending another productive day.

P Is For Plastic! These are the top 5 chemicals that make it up!

  1. Polyethylene

  2. Polyvinyl

  3. Polyvinyl Chloride

  4. Plothylerie

  5. Polystyrene


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