Morning Surprise

This morning we gathered at Herman Brown Park for the first day of our internship. We started our day by exploring the community garden that Furr has constructed over time. This was my first time going inside the garden and it was very peaceful. I was impressed by the hard work and dedication my classmates have put into this garden. Student Conservation Association (SCA) came along with their summer interns to witness the Mezo American Tribe bless the garden. This tribe has been coming every year to bless the garden and make sure to give the right energy for the produce to flourish. Seeing them perform their dances to the different elements of Earth gave out a unique experience. We participated by forming a circle around them and facing each different direction of the element. They danced to the Earth multiple times to the beat of the drums and burned herbs to request the blessing of the garden. Towards the end we closed the ceremony by joining them in a dance in a line around the garden. Even though we do not have their dancing skills we sure tried and gave our best energy to the garden in order for it to continue flourishing marvelously.


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