Learning on my first day

Today was the first day of our internship and we went to Herman Brown Park to participate in the opening blessing lead by Chickawa, their “danza” praised the light/sun, water, earth, and wind. They go on the say “We use the four elements to represent the four corners of the universe.” The first of the four elements is light/sun points to the east and is represented by the color yellow; they go on to say that the light gives nutrients to the soil and holds the earth in its embrace. The second element is water which points to the south and is represented by the color blue; water as they say represents lakes, streams, and rivers. The third is earth pointed to the west represented by the color red the earth gives them fertility. The fourth element is the wind pointed north and is represented by three different colors depending on which color they use can be black, purple, or violet they say that wind represents another type of fertility only this time it had to do with pollination. They go on to say that there are three more elements pointed up, down, and center which I believe represent the future, past, and present. After the dance of the future and past we are asked to participate in a dance for the here and now. We join in the dance and after that they gave a final grace to the future, past, and the present. After their final graces they had said the ritual to the land was finished and we left the garden.


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