Final days of the internship...

Just like Genesis, ’in the beginning’ , I had said I wanted to produce something that impacted the community, with TEJAS I can say I have achieved that. We started by analyzing films that were created to help tell stories. From there we were able to share an experience with the tribe Chikawa in their blessing to the community garden in Hermann Park. The days that followed proceeded with working in the office, conducting interviews, field days in the neighborhood and guest speakers giving us their guidance. Field days were hard to endure due to the high heat and humidity Houston has but we are used to walking around a blaze. The east end still carries the culture I saw as a child, as a young woman it carries injustice from the refineries polluting our air to the gentrification that is buying away homes and small businesses. Although having guest speakers like MMJ Roxie Bustamente and Jesse Sifuentes gave us a push to keep on going to save our meaningful local art and to keep working hard as young minority women in the multimedia field. Conducting interviews as a videographer gave me more experience to work in different settings outside the studio. You won’t always have a boom mic or a lavalier to help you with the audio. Sometimes it might start raining mid interview, you have to have quick reflexes and know your surroundings in order to proceed with your work. Moving into the office, I strictly become the editor and that’s where my heart and headache is. I love doing what I do, being able to show an audience what I do is wonderful but I am also my toughest critic. I’ll never believe my work is great even if it were to win an Oscar but what gives me comfort is that regardless of my filmwork you will hear the subject's stories and that’s my main objective. Inside the office I became closer to my colleagues and was able to build relationships that made the internship even more meaningful which I’m very grateful for. My advice to future media students would be to 1) grow thick skin and know your terminology 2) be prepared for everything and anything 3) love what you do. I once heard that no one can tell you you’re not successful if you love what you do so there you go, it does not get more simple than that. Overall, I am very thankful for the opportunity TEJAS offered me of doing what I love, it never felt like work, it felt more like home.


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