East End Neighborhood

Today our walk around the city started at 10:00 AM which gave us 1 hour for re-editing our photos from last week. Our walk started with the Glendale cemetery full of the graves of those long dead, but not yet forgotten in history. As we walked around the cemetery we noticed that most grave signs where from the early years of Houston, and most of the people have a family history still shown in Houston. The next cemetery we went to was Jackson cemetery in which I didn’t walk around this cemetery much because of my back problems. From what I did see in this cemetery was flat land with no grave posts and a very wet terrain. Shortly after that we went to eat in a park, but most of us just ate in the car because of the heat. After that we explored some more spots around the city especially the murals of Vanessa Guillen’s murals. Our day ended at 15:10 PM as we approached the TEJAS building.


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