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For any questions about the internship,

email Ms.Barbosa at

Student Librarian Assistant Internship Flyer

This internship will provide opportunities related to careers in Library and information science.

Work Dates:

July 18, 2022 to August 5, 2022

Intern work Days:

Monday-Friday (Daily 6 hours)

Intern Work Time:

8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Paid Internship:


Common Job Task and Responsibilities of Internship:

  • Preparing books to be ready for circulation.

  • Organizing books on the shelves in the appropriate location.


  • Updating signage in the library for shelves and all circulation materials

  • Setting up a social media account for the library and making updates.

  • Setting up a student book review system.

  • Creating, printing, and laminating posters.

Skills of Interest:

  1. Someone with a fastidious eye for details

  2. Someone with patience for organization

  3. Highly encouraged that likes reading and has a deep appreciation for books

  4. Someone with a great deal of dedication

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If any questions regarding your application or the 2022 Student Librarian Assistant Internship, please email

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