Los Paleteros

 Monday’s morning sun woke everyone out of their wishful weekend hibernations as we walked into T.E.J.A.S HQ. The transcribers, photographers, videographer, and artist worked all morning, mimicking a busy ant colony, preparing videos and interviews from the week before. After lunch, we began to drive into the 2nd ward of the East End, recognizing how the community was beginning to become the product of transcendentalism and historic landmarks were beginning to become forgotten and taken by the city to be turned into bars.

Furthermore, the inequality and mistreatment of minorities, in this case the latino community, was also discussed and brought to light. As we walked down the cracked and lifted sidewalks, we spoke to a local snow cone vendor who opened up to us about his current lifestyle, speaking about how he was a poor man who spoke on what it’s like being a small vendor during the COVID-19 pandemic, how times were harder than usual, and how he had no medicare yet continued to work although he has an illness. After taking note of his current lifestyle and taking a quick and uplifting photo of him, we continued our tour of the 2nd Ward.