Digital Artist intern

My name is Jennifer Flores, during my internship I've learned how to take different ideas from different people and put them into one cohesive piece, I've learned how to better use the wacom drawing tablet which will come in handy in the future when i need to use it again. In having all these opportunities to continue coming back to do more work and being able to continue creating art for Tejas I feel very proud of how far I have come. Starting out in the summer of 2020 thinking it would only be that one internship I was excited when they called me back to continue making art for them. I've grown a lot since the first internship in my skills in art and knowledge on different techniques and how to use the main program I use. I hope to continue working with tejas and have more opportunities to grow. Before my internship ends I hope to continue making pieces I can look back on and be proud of doing. After my internship with T.e.j.a.s I plan to use the skills and techniques to shoot my shot in applying to different art colleges, taking the leap and deciding to continue into an art career.